Proud of My Kids Again!

Last December, this is the photo I owe you. My daughter in her tutu for her Christmas presentation at a mall in the other town.

3rd Quarter Card day was last week but I haven't been able to write anything yet. I'm glad to announce that my daughter is one of 17 First Honors.  She has been consistent in becoming First Honor and we are so proud. My son has also improved his grades which fell during the 2nd quarter. I'm hoping he can keep up with the more difficult lessons and a wider scope in the exams for this quarter, but I am also very proud of his achievement in still getting back to his higher grades.

My latest news is about my daughter joining the MTAP as one of 3 representatives in her level, Grade 1 for her school. I am proud to share that she got first place in our district.  MTAP is a Math competition sponsored by Metrobank. I'm also proud to say that their School got first place in Grade 1 and in Grade 2 as well. I love the fact that she makes the school proud because I am an alumnae of her school as well.

As for my youngest daughter, I don't know if it's just her or there are lots of other 1 year and 7 month old girls who operate android phones like a pro. She plays music as she looks at our gallery of pictures in the phone. She even changes the wallpaper but I think she does that unintentionally. However, the music, is something she truly mastered. I can ask for "EXO" and she'll play a song of them.

What do you think?

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congratulations, mommy! and for your lovely daughter, 'keep up the good work, kiddo!'

kimmy came here!


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