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     Any great business person will tell you that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This thinking has brought the idea of management to an art form that pays its most successful followers in terms of millions of dollars. It is the information where everything can be measured, and that which cannot has no value in today’s society. Out with sentiment, out with joy and a fie on a Merry Christmas! Information is the only thing that matters because to be successful, you have to have better and more information that your competition. But what information do you need? To start with, you need information about your own company. That is where business reporting software comes in handy.

The Art of War

     In his book, Sun Tzu said that the person who knows himself will win half of the battles. The person that knows his enemy will win half of the battles, but the person who knows both himself and his enemy will not be defeated. For the cutthroat world of capitalism, this same idea applies. You need to know about yourself and your competition. Furthermore, you need to know your market. But how are you supposed to get a handle on all of these things along with what you have to do just to be a manager?

I Have the Power

      Business reporting software is a good start when searching for the information that you need to transform your business from a perceived weakling to a leader in your chosen field of production. Information is so powerful that people no longer need to fear fear itself. People need to fear a lack of information. Unfortunately, all of the information in the world isn’t going to help you become the He-man or She-ra that you should be. Without actions information is nothing more than a limp noodle flung against a wall. Even He-man had to draw his sword and point it at his scaredy cat before he became the muscled man and his feline companion became battle cat. Your use of information could have you shouting, “I HAVE THE POWER!”

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