School has Begun!

I've had a difficult time adjusting to the kids' new schedule. My eldest child needs to be in school at 6:55 a.m. to be able to attend her flag ceremony. Being on duty for the baby until midnight, makes it hard for me to wake up early and see her off but I tried. My son who needs to be in school at 8 wakes up so early and practically gets ready  alongside his sister. the only advantage of the kids waking up so early is that after lunch, I do not have to force them to take a nap. They now volunteer or suddenly fall asleep on couches.

 My body finally gave up yesterday morning. I woke up super dizzy, the world was spinning non-stop and closing my eyes didn't help.I finally decided to take naps while the baby is taking a nap, and I ate meds and vitamins (Iberet Forte) to make sure I hadn't turned anemic though you can see large dark circles under my eyes.I plan to keep on taking naps and taking vitamins, I guess it will take time fir all of us to adjust because even the baby's schedule is changing.

Kids have lots of assignments and having the family photos and their solo pictures printed early paid off. I wasn't prepared for the NSO certified birth certificates though, so hubby took care of that yesterday.

This week is PEP WEEK for my Grade 1 child. She's being welcomed to Grade School by the Grade VI. She's having fun wearing different accessories each day this week. Last Monday, their theme was Red, yesterday Stripes, today is Yellow and tomorrow shall be '70s. But my favorite happens on Friday. Wackiest!

My nephew also started school this week. I wonder if they'll be asked to do programming homework . I doubt that since he's taking up Nursing. Perhaps it is my sister-in-law, who is a freshman as a civil engineer who will encounter that subject.

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