Summer is a time for Recreation

What do you guys have planned? I had a great time yesterday afternoon with my 2 cousins. They came home from Qatar and they gave us a gift of a camera! Yay! It's very useful specially for special occasions and for blogging.
Such a big difference in the quality of the pictures I'm posting now!

Anyway, to make a long story short. We grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant and got to talking. Plus, someone was texting me because she was planning her wedding. I really believe that the world is small. Christian, the husband of my cousin, Angela was a schoolmate of my roommate Irene. Who became a person of interest because she now owns a resort which another friend of mine is interested in as a venue for a wedding reception.

Small world right?

In other interests, besides going to resorts and spas, perhaps we should try another adventure to Clark,Pampanga or to Mt. Pinatubo and look for the best atv experience we can have. My kids would tremendously enjoy having their atv side by side. I wonder if I could get to see a hisun atv as well or if all atvs are under that category. My kids have been persistent in saying that they want to visit Zoocobia again or any other zoo. I wonder if we could try going to Dasoland but besides saving up for my daughters' 1st and 7th birthdays, it's not practical to travel so far. Perhaps a simple swimming adventure in a beach resort will calm their itchy feet.

Back to my cousins, they're leaving soon. But I really had fun with them yesterday.I wish that we could get together at least once more before they leave. Perhaps another eating adventure nearby. I could bring them to the Korean restaurant we like, or perhaps check out the resort our  friend owns.  To Angela and Christian, If you're reading this. Thank you very much and Keep in Touch. Take care always. You're always in my prayers.

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I am really looking forward to have a new camera for my photography blog. Maybe this month. hehehe


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