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Blog hopping around I saw great home ideas. As for me, I'm addicted to looking at chalkboard decals.

These are small chalkboard labels from wallies but you can buy some also at etsy.
But I'd love to have these on my walls.
Great for my kids and the baby when she grows.

Another idea I found on the net and I don't know, may well be a good business idea for the mompreneurs out there is something like The Salad Box but for kids.

I found this! The Happy Trunk defines themselves as
Your child's very own mail delivered to their door!
The Happy Trunk brings a carefully curated box filled with engaging hands-on projects and activities for kids ages 3-11. All materials included.

Their trunks are composed of 2 age brackets. 3-7 and 8-11.
Here's a peek at inside their box!

On a side note: These guys won Family Choice Award by the Family Magazine Group! So it's an award winning concept that perhaps crafty Mompreneurs can adapt. I wouldn't mind something like this. I might sign up for it, it would at least keep the kids occupied specially during the summer break!

Would you be interested as well?

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I don't like using chalk so I opted for something like that but using board markers.


I'm not a chalk fan as well, but I do have something posted in the house where my kids are encouraged to write. :)


Oo nga. I need to look at it and how it was done. Another great mompreneur idea :)

Mommy Maye2


The Happy Trunk stuff looks awesome. Great find and thanks for sharing it with us.


Its such a cute idea. A creative box for kids! Can we avail worldwide?


There's also at least another company in the US that sends boxes of really cool and fun stuff for kids. If only I were creative or resourceful enough I'd start a business like that. I think there is a market for it here in the Philippines. :)


I like it too! The jars would be cuter if they have your child's handwriting on the labels. :)


I like the creative thingy on the wall! I'd like to incorporate that too in my room and write my forever growing to do list and reminders :)


the happy trunk stuff looks grand, great idea to cultivate kid's creativity


The chalkboard idea looks cool but I'm not so keen on using chalk especially if the kids are sensitive to chalk dust.


to tweak the chalkboard idea a bit, a laminated surface or whiteboard might be a good substitute to avoid chalk dust. :)


Very interesting! Not only will it keep kids occupied but get their minds working as well.


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