A Brainstorming Idea

I liked the subscription boxes idea so much, I wonder if I could team up with artsy people and go for it!

I just need something that will occupy my kids and that box is totally a wonderful idea.
All I have so far in my arsenal is a couple of craft punchers. What in the world should I do?

Perhaps, team up with the crafts suppliers or other moms who feel the same way?

So, I've been looking at the stateside stuff.

Some of the stuffs are:
arts and crafts
personalized stuff
other kid/baby products

Well, I guess what I'm really asking is who is interested? who could source suppliers? I'm from the province and all I can do so far is blog about it.

Plus also, looking around to what could be the best way to host  a giveaway on October. May seems too rushed.

12 friendly thoughts:

Good luck to your newly sprouting idea, sis. Culture it. You will never know where it will end! Malay mo, it's your claim to fame na!


Subscription boxes is very uso ngayon no. Medyo matrabaho nga lang but I am sure if you really want it you can make it. Sa una lang naman talaga mahirap. Good luck! Go for it =)

Mommy Maye2


Naku I'm no help on this issue sis. I'm not a crafty person. But I do scrapping digitally lang, pangtanggal stress. Goodluck on this :)


Good luck on this brilliant idea. Also to your future giveaway dear! :)


I am curious about this subscription box... It is easy naman to get suppliers siguro cuz you can order na through the web. Good luck on your future giveaway by the way


That's an interesting idea, actually. Will think about my stuff, too, and will let you know. :) I really want to get into some kind of a hobby, but just can't decide which one. LOL


I have no idea what's that box is. I live under the rock I know haha. Will Google it out.


Hope you can organize the subscription box. Am interested on what you can come up with. :D


Best wishes on your idea... let it simmer and then the answers will come.


I'm looking forward to this milestone, sis. I used to be quite artsy when I was younger and have collected some "kalat." You might even spark the interest to my former love :)


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