If I were a Better Writer

            I wish I were a better writer. I would keep you entertained for hours. You would be mesmerized by my words. I would be a ghost writer for other bloggers. I would be earning tons of money from this blog. I would be able to provide essay writing services.
            If I were a better writer, I'd be able to find more ways to engage you in my blog. Perhaps, experiences about digital scrapping, affiliate marketing, new products that I've discovered. I wonder what you, as a reader, would find interesting.

            I can't write about travel. We've barely traveled as a family. I wish we did more though. I love giveaways, reading books, discovering new things my kids can enjoy. There's a new television series, it's Disney's Sofia the First. A story on how to be a princess and my kids like it.

            If I were a better writer, I could make my uninteresting life sound magical. How do you make a life of a stay at home mom in an unknown city which looks like a town look the slightest bit interesting? How would I dazzle you to stay and read my posts? I am running out of ideas and my baby beckons.

            If you're still here, and you comment on this, well and good. Plus, thanks. Thanks for sticking around and visiting my blog. I hope it was worth your while even if this post was an entry where I talked a lot but didn't say anything. 

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