If I had a Talent

If I had a talent I wish it were for arts and crafts. I am the most craft-challenged person that I know. My twinsis used to call me scissors-challenged which is actually why I am currently dreaming on investing/buying lots and lots of punchers!

I had a great word of advice given to me. Don't start something you can't see through. Plus, I know for a fact when you start with arts and crafts, it is indeed a very addicting hobby. Not only is it addicting, it is also an expensive since you want to be able to do a lot of things, and to do a lot of things you might want to invest in the very expensive but worth it (if you know how to use it)  products.

For some time, I loved looking at Cuttlebugs, Cricuts, and other stuff. When my mom went to the U.S and asked what I wanted, I kept looking and decided on a Xyron. I have made good use of the laminate/magnet refill for photomagnet souvenirs and thank you photos.

If I had some talent, I'd probably want to try my hand in making boutique baby headbands.It is a tremendously profitable endeavor. I've seen and bookmarked a lot of online shops. Most moms want their kids to have unique hairbows, hairclips, headbands and a whole lot more. I've seen the success of sellers who post a lot of sales. Clearly, they are very talented. When you make them, it is also great for these sellers to sell the materials online, there is a market for it because there is a lot of demand. I wish I was a great crafter. Either working with my hands and making bows or making invitations. But if I want to go cheaper and easier, perhaps I should just try making bottlecap accessories. I think I can manage that with the right tools.

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True sis, it's very addicting. I can't stop myself from crocheting. Hehe.

Mommy Maye


We are currently into crafting (if we consider this as crafts) which is crocheting and we are making income on this one.


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