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Summer is almost here! Everyone's planning to go somewhere, for a day, for a week, or even a month! I don't think we can go anywhere. I know lots of moms who carry their kids everywhere with them whatever their age. My mom doesn't approve so I don't think we'll be traveling far. The farthest we might ever visit is Baguio. Hopefully to visit and not to go to the doctor.

We have friends going to the U.S.. My mom is dreaming that I would be able to go to visit the United States of America as well since my Uncle is already retired, he'll have time to give us the grand tour. He's based in California and I also have an Aunt who is in New York. Different coasts so if ever we do get there, we'd have to allot a lot of time for travel between coasts.

My dream vacation would include visits to different Museums. I'd like to see zoos or ocean parks. A library. A mall or a grocery. I'm totally curious.I hear that the malls are really big and that I could get lost inside a grocery.  I'd like to gather tons of coupons and do 1 grocery shopping and use coupons! I'd like to open a U.S. Paypal account.  I'd like to experience a Black Friday sale. Experience celebrating Thanksgiving. Be a blogger in the U.S., would that still be a vacation? Buy tons of stuff then sell it here in the Philippines.

What really makes me curious though is if I would be able to visit glamorous Las Vegas. I'm not a gambler but I do want to watch the wonderful live shows that they produce everyday. Plus, I hear that the hotels are amazing. It's in a desert but you forget that you're in a desert because of the magic of Vegas.

I wonder if Las Vegas is a kid-friendly city. I know there are magic acts there, perhaps a speed painter act as well, that would impress my kids. I like musical concerts though or a real show in Vegas style. What other acts would be there? Would you bring your kids?

Hopefully, by the end of this year, we will be able to fix our travel documents and be able to travel. It's not bad to hope so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I just want to see and meet my cousins again and my adorable nieces and nephews. Plus, go shopping in craft stores like Michaels and Joann. So, starting now, I'll be saving up after I spend for my kids' birthdays!

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Vegas trip is a must. Reminds me of the movie "Hangover" hehehe! I'm not just sure if the city is friendly for kids. But I've heard that they have amusement park for kids :)


Hope that you get to go and have fun in USA. I haven't been there yet.


My first long vacay in the US was super fun. We havenot gone t Vegas kasi I have the same concerns as you, if kids friendly nga ba or my baby has nothing to see there that she can enjoy.


good for you that you have relatives elsewhere. I hope I can travel too someday. :)


To travel is one of wishes in the future. I can't do it right now but I know in God's time, I can do it. Together with my family.

Mommy Maye2


Best of luck on the prep! Planning makes travel and trips cheap-er and easier, at least.


Vegas is sin city right? But I guess spending few days in there is OK with the kids :).


Good luck! I hope you will be able to get the vacation trips that you desire. :)


We bring our daughter wherever we go. Near or far. Her first trip was to Bangkok when she just turned one. It's actually an advantage travelling with kids because they whisk you in front of any line :)


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