Celebrating Valentine's Day on a Budget

Keeping the Heart at Home: Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Budget
Couples tend to have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. While it’s special to have a day to celebrate loved ones, the pressure to present grand, romantic gestures can make those gestures feel forced. Recent accusations about Valentine’s Day being commercialized and a holiday created simply to boost the greeting card industry. Still, will your spouse or significant other feel miffed if you don’t do something for Valentine’s Day? Gifts, dinner, drinks, a new dress, flowers, and candy can all get expensive in this economy.
Do Something Different
Why put that pressure on yourself and your relationship? There’s no shame in staying home on Valentine’s Day. In fact, you can create a sweet, romantic, comfortable evening to focus on each other instead of all the hype around the holiday. Be sure to still put some effort into the day even if you’re not going out. The effort will speak volumes to your significant other about your investment in the relationship.
Set the Mood
Light a few candles, which are romantic and inexpensive and can fill the room with a beautiful scent. Set up a few nice decorations. Water wall signs can create soothing background sounds, and consider putting on some of your favorite music. Move dinner to the coffee table, so you can sit close on the couch. If you’d like, you can still dress up for each other, or just decide to be casual. Your focus should be honoring one another, and if that means dressing down after a long day of work, feel free to do so. Just be sure to communicate with your partner so no one feels awkward about overdressing. Next order take out or prepare a simple meal. You won’t have to battle other couples for reservations at nearby restaurants or share your time with others.
Spice Things Up
To make sure it’s not just another night, think up some unique questions to ask your partner and spend time discussing history, goals, and dreams. If you need some help thinking up creative questions, go to the internet or books to get some help. You could also discuss your more intimate times in the bedroom and what adventures you’d like to have together. Most of all, cater the evening to your unique relationship and tastes and vow to peel off the pressure of Valentine’s Day.

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