Valentine's Gift

It's never too early to plan. What should I get for hubby? Perhaps, get something that I got him from Christmas because he loves it but he's currently overstocked with perfume because of all the stuff I got him and the kids got for him as well.

What didn't make it to my Christmas wishlist but something that I was hoping for as well was cheap jewelry. I think jewelry whether cheap or expensive is a good investment. The value appreciates. My daughters will get to wear them someday.

My mom actually started out jewelry selling as her sideline after her classes as a highschool teacher. She sold to the employees of the city hall, accountants, bankers, and all of them agree that jewelry is a good investment. She sees some of them now and they proudly say that something which was so cheap a long time ago is valued much higher now.

My daughter is in a phase where she wants to wear jewelry as well. She sees them in some of her classmates so I'm hoping to look for pieces from my mom's collection and from my own which I could give to her as well. I remember what my mom always taught me. There are only 2 things that appreciate in value... land and jewelry, so invest wisely.

My mom's taste tends to the old-fashioned. I however prefer white gold jewelry and other two-toned jewelry. There's my daughter who is liking anything and everything she sees but has shown preference to crystals. I wonder what are the modern jewelry for men and little boys. I should invest in something for my son as well as my husband. What about you? Do you like those thick bangles? More into necklaces? I love necklaces more than earrings which reminds me that I have to buy earrings for my baby girl. So she'd look like a girl.

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Great post. Jewellery is just one gift that can be given to your partner on Valentine's day, the others are roses (or flowers in general) and chocolates.
I am looking for something out of the ordinary for my wife this year


I adore set jewelries- earrings + ring! And my mom also invests on jewelries that I get to borrow when there are occasions :)


agree, jewelries are investments, i have also obtain a set, a gift from my parents that i rarely wear


Time flies really... before we know it we will see couples roaming aroud the mall.-Rosemarie/Gven-Rose


Your mam is right. Gold appreciates over time so might as well think about this investment.



Oh I never realized that jewelries could be god investment, too. Maybe I should get to collect some again.


I love jewelries, I would like to have the real ones pero masyado na mahal for me. So I'm making alternative jewelries made of gold-filled components and swarovski crystals.


I'm looking forward for Valentines. But not looking for any gift from hubby hahahaha!!!


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