Plans and more Plans

Pretty soon, it's going to be February. I am now getting obsessed over luau, which is the theme my daughter picked out. I wonder if I could enforce the rule that guests wear something floral. Perhaps, just give them leis when they come so they don't need to wear a floral outfit.

Besides that and before that, I have to plan for my youngest daughter's 1st birthday. She was born May 5 so I am dreaming of a Cinco de Mayo theme ( ola! soy Dora!) since she likes her and kisses Dora's face on the book I got for her older siblings.

But before I can plan, I need to start working! Real work from home, perhaps an online shop. Money doesn't grow on trees and to earn money, strive hard. I want to be one of those working moms so I can spend a little extra for their birthday parties.My daughter's heart is set on the luau theme, and well, I don't where to source the items, I've seen Manila parties with those big hula girl standees but not here in our province.

I promise though that by the end of this year, I am going to be labeled as one of those work at home moms. Hopefully by selling online, since my Aunt is willing to supply authenticVS products and I know a supplier who sells singapore 9A VS. So, just maybe that plan will come into fruition this year.

I wish I had talent in designing though. There's money in being a blog designer, tweaker, logo designer, clip art designer. I have much respect for their work. I couldn't even properly scrap a photo. I love looking at cliparts, and blogs that look great. There was a time that I tinkered with my blog but then it is best to leave it to a professional. Perhaps, I should study html design and then try out being a blog tweaker. What do you think?

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I would love to stay at home and work there!Sana we will have more opps to have a work at home job that would equal or surpass our income from our dayjobs :)


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