Learning to Scrap Again

I didn't do anything drastic. In all reality, this is how my photos always looked like. But most questions I've received was: What is digital scrapbooking? Seriously, I don't know how. Plus, you can always google the answer to that one.

Here is my efforts on the same photo. From 2 of the digiscrapkits I got. I'm still hoping for funds to buy the others.

Scrapped from Digiscrap kit by Just so Scrappy

Scrapped from Digiscrapkit by Summertime Designs

To follow the one I chose from Mye. Plus Vera of Verabear.net just shared an update. Pixels and Company created a massive collaboration kit to help Alphonse. If you have $20 to spare, you can buy their kit here. Direct donations are also accepted. You can also advertise in a PR2 Blog to donate, more info about this at Make or Break or you can send direct donations to Mye via her paypal email (admin@myedeleon.com)

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I've been doing digital scraps for the collages in the photobooks that I print out. It's not that dificult there are many free embellishments which you can download and use.


I have no idea how this is done but the photo you've shared looks great! It adds "life" to the picture and you can "dress" it up too depending on the theme or occasion the pic was taken.


I'm arranging photos right now on this app from photobook philippines and I'm having a lot of fun. I'll check out that kit.


I've super mega daming photos. And I'm really interested in making a digital scrapbook. The most I've done with photos are collages on iphone.


Very nice designs! I've just downloaded a free digiscrapbook kit. It's been of great help, especially on party invites and greeting cards.


It's fun to do scrapbooking, I used to experiment with the ones on my phone, there's a scrapbooking app kasi. I wish I could buy all the designs.


When time permits, I do digiscrapbooking. But I only go for free kits. What I want to learn is how to make a kit :D

I hope Alfonse will get the operation he needs.


I have not gotten my hands on digital scrap booking yet so I'm not so sure how it really works. You're right, for all queries, Google it hehehe.


Missing scrapbooking much. I used to be addicted to it before but now since no extra time na I can't do it. Dami pa naman photos na di ko pa natapos. I am planning kasi dati to make a photo book for my son.

Mommy Maye


I would probably be doing this once I have time. Too many pics, too little time to scrapbook. ;) marie of projectmarie.com


I love doing digital scrapbooking too but I was fun of photoshop nowadays.


I wish I had the time to do online scrapbooking, too! LOL Looking forward to more scrapbooks from you. ;)Will do something for Mye soon, too.


I want to try digital scrapbooking but haven't gotten around to tyr it! There are so many things I have to do...but, even if I do , I am still trying to finish my Commex!


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