Goals about Blogging!

  1. Write more posts than last year!
  2. Restart writing Letters That I'll Never Send Meme
  3. Join More Giveaways with prizes I can collect for me and my family. (Translation: for me, for hubby, for kids, for my mom, for hubby's family as well)
  4. Celebrate a Blogversary! 5th Year in Blogging! I hope to still be blogging this October 1. Perhaps I should start looking for sponsors? anyone want to volunteer? I want the old style giveaways. But that's just me!
  5. Perhaps in the Blogversary or when I have enough funds... I want to do a domain name giveaway. It's how I started to really blog so I want to keep paying it forward. I gave one last last year, and another one last year. Hopefully, this year again!
  6. Blog better! Write something that interests me and perhaps might interest you. I will write about how I earn some money, will you still be interested if  I tell you about earning $5.
  7. Join more social communities for blog exposure.

20 friendly thoughts:

You've been blogging for five years na pala. Share to a newbie how you earn ;)


i think i will clone some of your blog goals hahaha
thanks for sharing your ideas


You had a great list here! Good luck to all your blogging goals. Hope this year will be a better one for you!


#6 is also my goal in blogging for this year. Sometimes I post just anything because I haven't posted in a while.


same here i want to join more online community for blog exposure :)


You have a nice lists sis..same with you i have to do a lot of sensible postings this year..i wanna earn more and buy the stuff i want..addicting kasi to eh,...hehhe


Wow! You've been blogging for five years already. I'm just on my second and I sometimes feel like stopping already. :P But I would love to be able to accomplish #1, 6 and 7 on your list as well.


Boom! Got hit by #1 hehehe! guilty. I've been so lazy posting personal posts over my blog. Hayst! 2012 was quite a busy online year. But I'm still thankful for everything.


These are great blogging goals. I hope you keep up with these. Speaking of goals, I need to write down my own. :-)


that would be a great plans for 2013. i have mine also that is being more active physically and mentally.


Best wishes with your blog plans... Don't overdo it... Too many communities can lead to burnout.
Happy New Year!
Eliz (bc blogger)


You have a great blog, Mys. It's good to know we'll be looking forward to something even better. Good luck!


looking forward to your post on how you earn through blogging.. I wont mind if it's $5, pera din yan... Singlemom Reviews


These are great and specific blog goals! I believe that writing them down, any kind of goal for that matter, makes the person achieve them more likely. You have a list that you can look back to. More power to your blog hope that you achieve all your goals! :)


i like your goals. hope to apply some on my blog to. Blessed 2013 to you and your family.


Wow! You've been blogging for 5 years! I want that do. forever it is as I enjoy blogging so much. Nice goal for this year! :)


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