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Don’t Kill Your Diet: Fitness Motivation This Valentine's Day

January is just about over, and let’s take a moment of silence to honor those who have been able to keep their fitness resolutions for the first 31 days. It’s been said that doing something for 21 days makes it become a habit, so you’re well on your way to being successful. However, January isn’t full of the same food temptations that other months possess. With Valentine’s Day coming, you’ve got yet another sugar-filled holiday to withstand. Here are some helpful hints to help you stay on track:

Don’t Make Excuses
It’s easy to crash your diet by making the excuse that you can eat whatever you want on holidays or your birthday. Before you know it, this logic is also applied to weekends, days off, or special evening dates -- and your diet is a distant memory. Eating fatty or sugary foods will make you feel good and pampered in the moment, but it will do little for your long-term sense of accomplishment and the ways you need to nurture your body. Bring your partner in on your diet. You may not be able to accept a gift of chocolate from your partner, but you can accept gourmet strawberries, which are nutritious and just as delicious. 

Invest In a New Dress
A new dress can make you feel sexy, especially if you’ve already lost a bit of weight in the month of January or begun toning up some muscles. Feeling sexy will motivate you to continue on your workout and diet regimen. Look for promo codes to many favorite clothing websites. You can use these promotional codes at checkout for incredible savings. 

Merge Fitness Into Valentine’s Day
A romantic walk on the beach, horseback riding, skiing, or other outdoor activities can make for a wonderful Valentine’s Day without forcing you to skip your daily workout. Invite your partner into your fitness routine, and change it up to make things fun for both of you. And we all know that indoor activities like love-making burn plenty of calories. Consider doing several repetitions after a romantic and rejuvenating day together. 

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I'm still well within my ideal weight so losing weight isn't really a problem. I do feel frumpy and old though so I guess a couple of new and sexy clothes can make me feel like one hot momma again. :)


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