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Hi! I am Mys (pronounced as Mice) and yes, by October 1, I would have been blogging on and off for 5 years!

My last major giveaway was last 10-10-10. My favorite kind of giveaway is a domain giveaway. It gifts bloggers who are starting out and wanting to earn from blogging a great thing if they can work on it to the best of their ability and to take advantage of the 12 months that their domain name is paid for. Time, when used wisely, by 6 months you could already attract advertisers on your blog.

I don't earn much but when blessings come, they rain. I am grateful for my blessings whether big or small. They made my husband smile because I didn't ask him for money to buy his gifts and I got gifts for my kids as well. My kids are happy because I got them what they wanted, within my budget of course.

What shocked me most about the comments are people want to know how I earn money online. They are still interested even if I just earn 5 dollars. Well, money is indeed money. We all need some.

Last year, even if I wasn't that active and I restarted blogging before the year ended, I got lucky enough that Linkworth gave me some tasks. I accepted tasks that were worth $8, but they keep the 30%, I'm not good in Math. But learned that payouts via Paypal is given when you reach $25 every 10th of the month. So, that's not bad. I try to write about my life and experiences as I try to incorporate the keywords they give me so it's not bad at all.

Some direct advertisers have made contact and I earned through them as well. Other fellow bloggers who have social networks and communities and have also given me various tasks and my biggest one last year came at Christmas and was worth a whooping $50  was from The Bloggers Exchange. You have nothing to lose. My next thing to do is create an Advertise Here page. It's one of my biggest realizations and discovery so that I'll be able to get hired.

Got more questions? Leave it as a comment! Will get back to you on it!

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Hi Mys! Nice to know you more. thanks for sharing your experiences. I have been blogging on and off too, but opportunities are so rare for me. I do hope to improve my writing skills and hope for get more from it. :)


I learned from your tips. I dunno if I have signed up for linkworth. I will look into it. Thanks for the tips! I have earned from sponsored posts last year. I hope to increase my earning capacity this year.


Well, we all have ups and downs. Like you, I want to earn more from blogging this year. LOL


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