Preparing for Christmas!

Everyone would be experiencing the Christmas rush in the air. Do you feel it now? Seriously, I am in a rush in looking for ways to earn money so I could buy some nice things for my kids. My bigger problem though is my son's birthday tomorrow. Party planning is so difficult specially when money is tight.

Perhaps, one profitable thing I could think of would be selling things whether online or offline. Perhaps I should try to sell silver flatware in Raleigh. Christmas is a season of eating and celebrations. Flatware and silverware would be in great demand. It would be a lucrative business idea during celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. It definitely will add a touch of class to any celebration.

When you host parties, do you prefer to use silver flatware? Everything disposable? In our family occasions, it all depends on the invited guests. Kids often use the disposable stuff. Paper plate, paper cups, and silverware so we could wash them and save the planet. For adult guests, we often bring out the nice dinner plates and silverware kept in the good china cabinet.

Tomorrow, we won't be celebrating my son's birthday at home. We're postponing it on the weekend so his cousins could come and celebrate with  us. We are celebrating in school though. I hope he's happy. I have no gift for him yet. I've saved though for his Christmas gift. So, that's one problem solved.

My husband's gift is another problem though. Lucky for me, my mom said she doesn't mind if I don't give her a gift, as long as the kids give her a card. So, one down. For hubby, I am feeling that I want to give him perfume or cologne. It all depends on my budget and if I'll be able to earn enough. I am seriously contemplating selling online. I found a great seller who accepts resellers. I ordered something for her for my baby, and if the items are great, then it would be conclusive for me to decided on whether becoming a reseller. I hope I can do it the coming year. I miss being an online seller.

3 friendly thoughts:

What did you use to sell? Gusto ko rin mag sell, pero wala akong product, for now :) I really want to get into business but I just haven't formulated a good plan yet. Still seeking it out. :)

Good luck to us, we have limited time to complete our Christmas lists!


my nieces and nephew have their present in advance.. the gifts i have beneath our tree is for my godchildren..:)


My brain seems to stop when thinking about buying gifts... bought lots of gifts last September but seem to be lazy about sending them...


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