Hindsight is 20:20

Reviewing the year that was, the life that was, and has now become, well there are decisions you wish you hadn't made. Better choices that were ignored and all that. A New Year is coming and we tend to be pensive about what happened in the last year.

I wonder about had I ever finished Philosophy, I would probably be engrossed in dissertation writing on my final year. Would I have become a lawyer like most of my friends? I don't think I'll make a great lawyer, just good maybe but that's tooting my own horn. I'm forgetful now, so it wouldn't work out for the best. But I'm proud to say that my sister-in-law is going to be a lawyer soon. That's a great accomplishment.

My lawyer friends are successful. Lawyers earn a lot of money. My daughter was teasing me a few days back. I should become a lawyer or a doctor because I complain about money. Before you raise your eyebrows at me, I complained because Christmas is the only time you have to give a lot to others all in one day. I'm a stay at home mom who gets lucky sometimes and earns something. So my kids wish I have a job that makes me earn big time. For them, more money means better gifts from me. I joked at my kids that I got  gifts for 6 people all from what I earned from blogging, they should be glad. Plus, I got what they wanted so I told them that I worked hard and got lucky.Plus, I take care of them. I couldn't if I were really working. So, they get that as an advantage.

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oh i actually envy Stay at home moms... specially those who earn from blogging too!!! :-)


How do you earn from blogging? Don't worry, as the kids grow up, they will find out how lucky they were that you are at home.


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