Finally! Something for Hubby

Hubby is a sporty guy. He loves to play basketball, badminton, even table tennis sometimes. Besides that, he loves watching sports. He is interested in all sports, like most guys. Finally, found something that he could be into besides Facebook, and get his sports fix. SportzHype is like Pinterest but for guys and all about Sports.

Whether you're into wrestling, basketball, boxing, mixed martial arts, golf, whatever sport it is, and it's noteworthy and newsworthy, it's there. all you have to do is browse around. So, anything and everything about sports is already there. One click away. If you're a guy, and you're reading this. Stop wasting time, head on over there and make an account already. Female? No worries, where can we ladies get to look at photos of great-looking athletes all under 1 url. Just go to SportzHype.

It has everything for everyone. Sign up for an account now. Add my hubby up as well.

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Ang cool, pang guys who love sports nga. And Pinteresty ang look hehe :)


Hmmm sounds good, checking it out now. Thanks for letting us know about sportzhype.


That's interesting. My boyfriend loves sports too. Thanks for sharing this. Happy New Year! :)


Good for you! Hubby and I exchanged gifts which initially had the kids in mind. We bought TV and XBOX for each other but it's also for the whole family. I think I have to get him another gift! hahaha!


i visited the site and was hooked because i saw david beckham, gwapo hahaha


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