Girls Talk: Comfort Food

I'm so excited about the April theme for Girls Talk! Today we talk about Comfort Food.

I go through comfort food phases, it was different when I was in highschool, when I was in a dorm during college and definitely different now that I'm a Mom. I'm not a cook, only thing I can cook for certain is carbonara and that's about it. I've tried my hand in cooking other stuff though mostly soups. I like soups. Right now, my favorite soup and comfort food is....drumroll please.

Everytime I get this from that famous food place, you can bet that I buy 2 Large bowls because I often get attacked while eating by the two kiddos who enjoy it as much as I do. They just love saying...sssooooouuuupppp.

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3 friendly thoughts:

hihihih creamy macaroni soup! bow. that's the whole family's favorite..

lam mo ba nung baby pa yena, every 15th of the month yobib cooked that instead of pansit/spaghetti. eh kasi naman fave tlga nmeng mag asawa.. yan pati si yena ngaun love din yan hihih

sa jobee yang pix mys?


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