Mommy Moments: Look at that Mess!

This is our living room after my kids will make their havoc! The living room is our play area with rubber mats and all. You'll get tired picking up after them. So I've devised a strategy, I let them do all that they want, then start cleaning when they've taken a nap. So at least it gets a little neater. I forgot to take pictures of the walls, they've been using everything they could get their little hands on, from crayons to watercolor pastels and even pencils and pentel pens. Plus our couch is full of ballpen marks. Even if I insist that they use paper and not the walls, when I let my attention roam for even just a few minutes, wah... disaster happens. Does this reflect badly on my parenting style? I really don't know.

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that's part of being a kid and they are rally cute when they are at mess at this age. we can teach them how to be organized and tidy as they grow older.

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yaiks... the walls can be the messiest when kids learn to doodle on them.. i was actually hoping to see one picture with messy wall created by artistic kids..


No, you're not a bad mom. Kids just love getting messy and all. It's part of their fun and exciting little worlds.

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kids messy, fast, full of energy, and creativity. They just let all that creativity out on your house. Be thankful for nap time. i love my kids but they are messy

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