Maegan is 3

Maegan is 3 years old today!
I can't believe it, it still feels as if it was just yesterday when I was wheeled in to the delivery room and I was screaming in pain, and I hated the interns who were taking my blood pressure because they weren't sure if they heard the beep of my heart right.
How time flies!
Maegan is now in playschool and well, I hate admitting this, but when she saw us, I think we ruined it for her. She acted differently when we (hubby and I) were there. I think things got back to normal when we were out of sight.
Here's a layout I made of some of the pictures I took at her class.
I went bloghopping to the blogs in my blogroll and I saw this one.
To Mommy Tetcha's: Justin
I learned that you're also 3. Happy 3rd Birthday!
Plus, happy birthday to anyone and all who is celebrating their birthday today!

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And happy birthday to Maegan, too! I wish her all the best! Both our kids pala are celebrating their birthdays today.


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