Feeling Nostalgic

Remember my post about getting that email from Godaddy for my domain renewal?
Well, I remember being astounded by the responsibility of having a domain and what to do with it.
For a while, I didn't do anything at all.
Well, not really.
I kind of shifted my blogspot blog to this custom domain of course so I could start publishing my posts at my domain.
Then, did a little research.
You need to do something, to get your blog noticed.
That's when I learned you need to submit your blog or website to a web directory. You can choose from free ones to paid ones. Yahoo is one of the most sought after web directory. DMOZ too.
It is exposure for your site, or your business, and traffic usually translates into a few cents or dollars in some cases.It's usually easy to look for these directories. Just type them up in any search engine. But you have to be cautious because it can affect your business, your blog, your branding. If you use a free web directory,  you must be at least assured of its authenticity and more so if you pay for your submissions to web directories.
Remember that web directories have distinct and greater advantages than search engines. So make sure that you at least do a few free ones.  I do not discourage you to submit to search engines. Actually, what I'm really saying is, links are important to us. We want people to be able to find our blog or website, whether its business or just plain exposure. If you plan to earn from your blog then submitting your blog to directories and search engines is a must-do. It should be one of the basic steps that you take once you own a blog, a domain, a website specially if you plan to engage in business.

What are you waiting for? Do it now.

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