Happy 9th Anniversary!

Unbelievable! We made it! 9 years of torture and we're still together.( I'm kidding about the torture, of course.)

Wow, we're still here and still together. Thank God!

After 9 years of being married and coming into our 16th year of being boyfriend and girlfriend, I can proudly say not bad for a couple who others thought wouldn't last a year of being together.

It doesn't matter that I can't fit in my wedding gown anymore. I have 3 lovely kids that make me so happy.
I would cry if I have to remember the drama of the past. But I am in a happy place now. I still can't believe that I was able to reproduce beautiful creatures like these 3. I guess I have to thank you hubby for your genes. They certainly don't look like me.

Thank you for still being here. If I were you, I'd have left long ago. (Kidding again.) I hate being cheesy and sappy and you know me. All I really want to say is ... Look at us now, 9 years and still counting. I love you labs. Mwah. Thanks for giving me my 3 wonderful children. Pwede ka ng mambabae next next year. Hahahaha. Basta akin ang mga bata. (OMG! Kidding again)

I can't resist writing silly stuff. Bleh bleh bleh. See? Anyways Hemingway. I love you. That's all. That's just it, really!


Finally! Exams are over for my son who is now in Prep, My eldest daughter's turn to have their exams next week.

I am looking forward to:

  • The graduation of my son in Prep. The happy thing is he'll be in grade school, the next school year. I shall not dwell on the fact that he almost got Best in Computer, but at least he was considered, so I am very proud of him. For sure, he will have a Loyalty Award and that's enough for me.
  • The recognition ceremony for Grade 1. I am curious as to what my daughter will get.
  • The graduation ceremony of my niece in Grade 6. Wow! 

Tell you more about it next week.

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