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So where were we? Oh, I finished my Lee Min Ho list right? For other dramas that I've watched and liked.... If I were to write them in an order from what I loved the most to what I didn't, I'm still undecided. I still want to finish a whole lot more to complete and create accurate rankings.

I have Character favorites though.

My first love - from the Heirs, Choi Young Do. Strong character, Abrasive yet in truth, sensitive and lonely. Are all tough guys like that? Seriously, my favorite parts are in the convenience store. How he knows which one is the most delicious dessert because he's eaten them all. Why he always eats at a convenience store even if he's rich and how he takes care of her when he needs to. I cried at the scene where Eun Sang's mom fed him his first home cooked meal in such a long time.

Second Love and not so far away - Kang Woo of The Master's Sun. Don't get me wrong, I have a crush on L as the young Joo Jong Won and the adult Joo Jong Won but Kang Woo's unrequited love for Taye Yang just seals the deal for me. My favorite part was when he went jogging when he couldn't admit to Taye Yang that he did like her for real. Plus when he followed her around the graveyard hoping that she would call out his name.

3rd Love - Park Soo Ha of I Hear your Voice. Imagine someone in love with you, keeps his promise and looks for you relentlessly for 10 years. He loses his memory yet still manages to become in love with the same woman. Fulfills his promise of never being a monster, never becoming a beast. That's just amazing for me.

Any character favorites?

Just in case you're wondering, Choi Young Do is Kim Woo Bin in real life.

Kang Woo is Superstar K winner Seo in Guk

Park Soo Ha is Lee Jong Suk

P.S. I am currently watching School 2013 and Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin are in it, I am just about to watch episode 3 where Kim Woo Bin appears.

Plus I want to watch No Breathing where it's Lee Jong Suk and Seo in Guk are in a movie together about being rivals in swimming. I guess, they are some of the guys to watch as of now. I should do a special mention of Lee Min Ho and the guy from You who came from the Stars and The Moon Embraces the Sun - Kim Soo-Hyun but the 3 guys above are the ones topping my list character-wise.

Writing with no purpose...back to normal.

My summer was filled with watching korean dramas, and discovering that my happiness lies in reading perfect subtitles. Some dramas are easily understood, others - have no subtitles for those things written on walls. Others, are taken out context that instead of him saying My baby or My babes, the translation is My kid. LOL!

With being bored and wishing to write again, I thought of making a list of things that I loved from those I've watched.

Exclusively for Lee Min Ho dramas, here are my picks: with 1 being my best.
  1. City Hunter
  2. Faith
  3. Boys Over Flowers
  4. The Heirs 
I haven't seen Personal Taste so I can't rate it. City Hunter is number 1 for me, because it is action packed and I was curious on how they would resolve the issue. Faith is 2nd because of the time travel, though I am definitely decided to invest in its real dvd so I could read the written stuff which got lost in translation from my viewing experience. Boys Over Flowers because it's boys over flowers and I placed last "The Heirs"  just because I love Choi Young Do more than Kim Tan. Had I loved Kim Tan's character more, it would be my number 2.

My longer list and recaps of what I've watched coming next.

Happy 9th Anniversary!

Unbelievable! We made it! 9 years of torture and we're still together.( I'm kidding about the torture, of course.)

Wow, we're still here and still together. Thank God!

After 9 years of being married and coming into our 16th year of being boyfriend and girlfriend, I can proudly say not bad for a couple who others thought wouldn't last a year of being together.

It doesn't matter that I can't fit in my wedding gown anymore. I have 3 lovely kids that make me so happy.
I would cry if I have to remember the drama of the past. But I am in a happy place now. I still can't believe that I was able to reproduce beautiful creatures like these 3. I guess I have to thank you hubby for your genes. They certainly don't look like me.

Thank you for still being here. If I were you, I'd have left long ago. (Kidding again.) I hate being cheesy and sappy and you know me. All I really want to say is ... Look at us now, 9 years and still counting. I love you labs. Mwah. Thanks for giving me my 3 wonderful children. Pwede ka ng mambabae next next year. Hahahaha. Basta akin ang mga bata. (OMG! Kidding again)

I can't resist writing silly stuff. Bleh bleh bleh. See? Anyways Hemingway. I love you. That's all. That's just it, really!


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