Finally! Exams are over for my son who is now in Prep, My eldest daughter's turn to have their exams next week.

I am looking forward to:

  • The graduation of my son in Prep. The happy thing is he'll be in grade school, the next school year. I shall not dwell on the fact that he almost got Best in Computer, but at least he was considered, so I am very proud of him. For sure, he will have a Loyalty Award and that's enough for me.
  • The recognition ceremony for Grade 1. I am curious as to what my daughter will get.
  • The graduation ceremony of my niece in Grade 6. Wow! 

Tell you more about it next week.

Ways to Be a Better Math Teacher

If you love your job teaching students numbers and fractions but want to be a better math teacher for their benefit and yours, find a class that can offer you ways to improve your teaching skills, especially when it surrounds mathematics.

A Square Root

Depending on what grade you teach and the level of math you are helping children with, it can be very difficult and trying, especially if you are struggling with some of the material. It is important to be there for your children and to be able to answer questions regarding any math issue. To make sure that you know what you are doing and that you have the skills and knowledge to help your students, keep up on basic math concepts and skills by practicing or taking classes to freshen up on what is necessary to teach. If a struggling student needs your assistance after school, it is imperative that you are ready to take on the challenge.

Polish It Up

All professionals need to be able to stay on top of their craft, whether they take classes or read and study. Math will never change, but if there is an area that you are having difficulty in, it is imperative to get help for yourself, so that you can be the best math teacher possible. Your students look up to you and if they see you as a role model, you should be able to be there for them. If a student has a particular question about a certain math problem and you are stumped, it is OK to tell them that you need to research the problem and that you will get back to them with a solution and an answer. Making sure that you can consistently improve your math game is what will make you a superior teacher. Students and parents will be grateful and happy that you are teaching a tough subject and that you are very knowledgeable and experienced in doing so.

Very Simple Numbers

If you want to be a better math teacher for your students and for yourself, enroll in classes that can be offered to you through your school district or a university and work hard to improve your talents and your ability to teach.

30th Foundation Anniversary or Not

Here are some photos from my kids school on their 30th Foundation Anniversary, which technically it really isn't because the school actually opened June 1984. So here's a silly question, why do most schools celebrate their foundation week in February? When in all reality, all schools opened in June. Perhaps they are too busy to celebrate in June so they moved it to Feb.?

Topmost photo is of my niece who played a mom of a pauper in their play.  The second photo is of my youngest child who also went to the school to visit and watch and actually play. The last photo is of my eldest child in her costume as one of the dancing toys for The Velveteen Rabbit and also her costume for her ballet performance.

I'm excited for next year, when I'd have 2 gradeschool kids and my niece will be a freshman or rather in Grade 7.  


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